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Stephen Procter: Sample work

Stephen Procter

Momentum (detail), 1985
Glass; Free-blown rocking form with prismatic cutting and sand-blasting, cut and sand-blasted base
Crafts Council Collection: G39; Photo: Nick Moss

Procter’s work is a celebration of light. While his sculptures are eminently still, they represent a concentration of energy, full of “sight and sound”. He uses vessel forms, often working with the bowl as a significant symbol of giving and receiving. “With glass, the form is the embodiment of breath - it is the space within which governs the outer form”.


Born in West Sussex, UK in 1946, Stephen is one of the few glass artists with a non conventional background. He initially studied engineering, but later chose to focus on agriculture, which was closer to his love of the outdoors and obviously his love of light, the primary influence of his work. He fortuitously entered glass making when creating a gift for the kindness of a friend, by engraving a tiny goblet and becoming fascinated with the image of light it produced. Focussing entirely on engraved glass goblets in 1968 he set up a studio, which he later left to expand his abilities beyond premade glass forms with the assistance of a grant from the Crafts Council.

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