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Layne Rowe: Sample work

Layne Rowe

Picking Daisies 2, 2010
Glass; Free-blown form, cut, ground, polished and assembled, lamp-worked daisy
Photo: Nick Moss

Glass, a seductive material, can translate potentially harmful objects into beautiful art forms. Rowe’s work advocates an alternative to the anger and conflict that fills our world.

The replicated weapons have been hand-sculpted with extreme precision. The accuracy of each piece has been achieved by creating hot formed elements blown or sculpted as close to the required shape and size as possible. Floral symbols have been strategically placed to promote peace. The works created using the human breath would, if real, also represent the means to exterminate it.


Layne graduated with an M.A. in applied art at the Royal College of Art, London 2002. He is an extremely talented studio glassmaker who has exhibited at the Cambridge Glass Fair many times over the years. After a period at London Glassblowing alongside Peter Layton among others he left in 2001 to set up his own studio in Brazil, ‘Crystalaria Guanabara’. On his return to the U.K. he established the Layne Rowe Glass Studio in Knebworth, Herts. He rejoined the London Glassblowing team in 2005. He has taken part in exhibitions in both the U.K. and abroad and received various awards.

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