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Kate Williams

In the same breath, 2008
Borosilicate glass; Lamp-worked
Photo: Nick Moss

Williams is inspired by carnivorous plants, false teeth and more recently the environment. She creates transparent glass vessels that represent and explore atmospheric or human breath, juxtaposing such materials as glass, light, ethereal gasses, neon and argon (both composites of the air we breathe).

In the same breath, a hand-blown, lamp-worked glass trombone is created using breath, and in turn can be reactivated by breath as it is played. It serves as a metaphor for breathing; the breath becoming visible as condensation, the glass allowing the viewer to see this.


Kate graduated from Wolverhampton University in 1993 with a B.A. Hons in glass design and currently lives and works in East London. A practicing artist for the last 15 years she creates sculpture and installation using glass and light. She is involved in making a range of work from large-scale public installations to smaller gallery pieces that relate to the Earth and relative environmental concerns. Kate has also been working within the lighting industry since 1997 particularly installing neon for film, TV, and theatre. Her work has been shown extensively across Europe and is held in international public and private collections.

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