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Joanna Manousis: Sample work

Joanna Manousis

Reaching an Ulterior Realm, 2010
Glass, mirror, bronze; blown, cast
Photo: Joanna Manousis/Woody Packard

Glass is used in Manousis’ sculpture as a vehicle to engage reflection both physically and metaphorically in the viewer. She uses the intrinsic material properties of glass as a medium to “create installations that speak of taste, personal memory and the passage of time.”

Reaching an Ulterior Realm consists of three Mylar balloons suspended on a wall, which look to be easy targets for the bronze arrows propelled towards them. They are playful while also being a metaphor for the fragility of life. Inverted Vanitas entwines the rich meaning and metaphor of the pomegranate. Its mirrored flesh aims to capture the reflection of its audience, thus accentuating its association with vanity, greed and desire.


Joanna Manousis, born in Shropshire, England, received a BFA Honours in Glass from the University of Wolverhampton, England in 2007. She is a fairly recent MA graduate from the Alfred University in New York who over the years has quickly stamped her individuality on this multifaceted discipline. Joanna has received numerous scholarships and awards for her glasswork. In 2008 she became a nominee for the Bombay Sapphire Awards for excellence in glass design and won ‘Best Artist’ in the Frabel Glass Awards, 2009. She has participated in The British Glass Biennale and Origin and is teaching within the glass programme at Alfred University, New York.

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