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Carl Nordbruch: Sample work

Carl Nordbruch

Untitled, 2004
Glass; Free-blown; Crafts Council Collection: G97
Photo: Nick Moss

Nordbruch uses technique as a vehicle for transporting abstract ideas into visual reality. He makes pieces that are “firmly rooted in ideas rather than function… where the craftsmanship is still a strong element, but no longer the backbone.”

Untitled engineers a tantalising play between exterior and interior space and form, and by extension between the seen and the unseen. The coloured inside, which almost seems to evoke an internal source of illumination, also draws attention to the role of light in our spatial perception.


Born in 1971 on the Isle of Wight, UK, Carl is a graduate of the Royal College of Art that combines virtuoso glass-blowing skills with a talent for creating dynamic sculptural forms. He works from his own studio on the Isle of Wight.

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