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Anna Dickinson

Black & Silver African Stripe Vase, 1993
Glass, copper, silver
Free-blown, sand-blasted, etched, ground and polished, drilled spots, electroformed, oxidised, waxed
Crafts Council Collection: G69
Photo: Nick Moss

Dickinson’s work highlights the unique and opposing characteristics of glass: transparency, fragility, strength and flexibility.

Black and Silver African Stripe Vase forms part of a series strongly influenced by West African sculpture. In antiquity and myth a vessel was not solely functional. The notion that it represented a place in which the entire cycle of human life and the hereafter took place was derived from its identification with the female body. Dickinson perpetuates this ideology; her constant experimentation, coupled with her instinctual relationship to the form of the container, is a consequence of her belief in it as an extension of herself, a form she fully understands and has mastered.


Born in London in 1961, Anna Dickinson is a Royal College of Art graduate
with an MA in glass and work held in prestigious international collections
including the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, the Turner Collection,
Sheffield university and the Corning Glass Museum in New York. She has
been awarded the Corning Glass prize and been commissioned by the BBC
and British Film Institute Awards. She is represented by the Galerie Von
Bartha whose focus lies on the constructive and abstract art from the 1920s
until today and has previously exhibited in London, Paris, Munich, Florida,
Basel and Tokyo.

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